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Active, precise, and specific Local Drug Delivery

The predominant forms of drug delivery (oral or parenteral) benefit from significant convenience advantages. However, systemic delivery is often impacted by such factors as first-pass metabolism, off-target activity, unwanted or dose limiting side effects, a reliance on passive drug uptake, and sub-therapeutic drug level.   

In treatment settings where the precise and selective delivery of therapeutics to target cells is important, systemic approaches have clear shortcomings. 

Focal Medical is taking local drug delivery in revolutionary new directions. Using an electrical field, we can achieve active, precise, and specific local drug delivery at higher concentrations in target cells than is achievable by systemic administration, with dramatically lower systemic exposure. 

Our iontophoretic systems can actively drive drug molecules into cells using non-blood pathways, ensuring even poorly vascularized organs and tissues receive drug therapy.

Tapping electrical forces to deliver drugs

Our iontophoretic system uses electrical current to actively drive drugs directly into cells. When we set up an elective field, the drug exits the device through a semi-permeable membrane and is actively carried into the target cells in the field. Our technology co-ops non-blood pathways to transit tissue and penetrate cells and thus overcomes both limited delivery and drug degradation issues. By delivering the drug specifically to the cellular matrix, patients tolerate the increased concentration of drug necessary to achieve an optimal therapeutic effect. Additionally, it is highly tunable. We can modulate various control parameters of our system (including current, voltage, time, and drug concentration) to optimize drug delivery performance.

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